It's you against the Agents of Sinister

May 23

9 distance options. 7 Solo runners. 2 Teams... and you have to beat them. You against our handpicked crew. We encourage trash-talking on our social media channels as your throw down the gauntlet. 




How it Works

SOLO runners will choose an Agent (and distance) to beat and go for it. You don't even have to tell us ahead of time. Your goal - to beat the time of the Agent that is running that distance. If you get to that distance and you want to keep running, go for the next milestone distance. If you don't make the next the distance, you only get the ranking for the lesser milestone. So if you are after the 50k Agent, but only make 49.9km, you get ranked against the 42k Agent. Watch your distance – don't fall short! 

  • 11k Solo – Madam M
  • 21.1k Solo – Agent S
  • 42k Solo – T. Rex
  • 50k Solo – Agent D
  • 50-mile Solo – Mrs. J
  • 100k Solo – Agent J
  • 125k Solo – Agent A

TEAM runners will choose between the 125k or 100-mile course. Maximum of 7 runners per team. There are no set distances per runner - you can break up the full distance in any way you like per teammate. 

Unlike our other races, teammates sign up individually. In order to create a team, you must log in and add a team name to your profile

  • 125k Team – Unit L4
  • 100-mile Team – Unit ECK-0

CUTOFF TIME: 30 hours. Start your run by 1200 hours on May 23 and you have 30 hours to complete your run

RANKINGS: In order to compete, you need to share your Strava or send us a suitable GPS file (GPX preferably). So charge up that watch and carry a spare battery, or grab a handheld GPS.

COURSE/TERRAIN: We hope you will get outside on a favourite trail while respecting any social distancing measures and area closures. Or you can run on a dreadmill... but c'mon, we're trail runners. 

AWARDS: You get a special kudos and online high-fives when you beat one of the Agents, so run fast - run with your heart! There will be prizes for the top solos and teams in each distance. 

RESULTS: Upload your results here. Please upload results by Monday, May 24 at 9:00am. 

SWAG: No bibs - we won't have them before the race and be able to mail them out, so make your own counter-agent ID card, or download and print (coming soon). Your swag depends on what you entered...

Festival + 3 Race Package:

  1. Entry to the North Star Trail Running Festival
  2. Entry to 3 Races
  3. Custom T-shirt
  4. Custom Buff
  5. Custom HydraPak Gel Flask
  6. Celebratory sticker
  7. Three cool race medals

3 Race Package (no Festival):

  1. Entry to 3 Races
  2. Custom T-shirt
  3. Custom Buff
  4. Custom HydraPak Gel Flask
  5. Celebratory sticker
  6. Three cool race medals

Individual Race Entry (any one of the three virtual races):

  1. Entry to 1 Races
  2. Custom buff
  3. Celebratory sticker
  4. One cool race medal
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