Classic Ultra. Virtual format. 

July 4-5

How it works

The race options are 30-hour, 24-hour, 12-hour, and 6-hour. There is also a Kids Race – 30 minutes or 1 hour. How far can you run in the allotted time? Since we are not all on the same course, individual stages don't make sense in this twilight zone of a time we are living in, and we have to compete based on the same duration. 

Pick your duration and give it your all! The race is open to solos or teams with awards for the top time in each. 

CUTOFF TIME: 30/24/12/6 hours depending on the duration you choose. Start running by 0800 hours on July 4 and you have get as far as you can in your allotted time. If you go over your allotted time, we have the discretion to rank you in the next time category above. OUCH! that will hurt if you are only over by a few minutes so watch your time. Yes you can start earlier than 0800 but we only count the distance in the duration that you picked. Watch your time!

RANKINGS: In order to compete, you need to share your Strava or send us a suitable GPS file (GPX preferably). So charge up that watch and carry a spare battery, or grab a handheld GPS.

COURSE/TERRAIN: We hope you will get outside on a favourite trail while respecting any social distancing measures and area closures. Or you can run on a dreadmill... but c'mon, we're trail runners. 

AWARDS: Female/Male + Team categories. 

SWAG: Your swag depends on what you entered...

Festival + 3 Race Package:

  1. Entry to the North Star Trail Running Festival
  2. Entry to 3 Races
  3. Custom T-shirt
  4. Custom Buff
  5. Custom HydraPak Gel Flask
  6. Celebratory sticker
  7. Three cool race medals

3 Race Package (no Festival):

  1. Entry to 3 Races
  2. Custom T-shirt
  3. Custom Buff
  4. Custom HydraPak Gel Flask
  5. Celebratory sticker
  6. Three cool race medals

Individual Race Entry (any one of the three virtual races):

  1. Entry to 1 Races
  2. Custom buff
  3. Celebratory sticker
  4. One cool race medal

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