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Keri Bowzaylo

[ Pilates for Runners - Clinic ] 

How can pilates help you with your running? Join seasoned coach Keri for a short session of pilates. Prepare to get a sweat on

About Keri

After years of battling a weight-loss roller coaster, I found my passion in running. I took this newfound joy to the next level, and began running ultra marathons, which is something I never imagined I was capable of.

During this time, it became a passion to motivate and educate others, and while I have been in the fitness industry I have been able to impact the lives of teens, teams, seniors, and every day people as well as working with national and internationally ranked athletes.  

In addition to my fitness credentials, I also enjoy spending my spare time in the mountains, whether it be running, hiking or snowshoeing. Pilates has given me the strength and ability to do the things I love outdoors.

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