The Bridge Sports Therapy and Training

[ Building a better relationship with running: Injury Risk Management – Clinic

calendar-icon.png June 11 - 7:00pm MDT 

[ Strength Training for Trail Runners – Clinic

calendar-icon.png June 16 - 7:00pm MDT 

About The Bridge

The expert therapists at The Bridge are united by a common goal: to help our community return to the activities what they love through a unique, multidisciplinary approach to injury treatment & performance training. The individualized treatment & training programs are focused on high-quality movement and our therapists seek to educate, empower, and guide patients all the way from rehab to full performance.

Instead of reactive, we want to get proactive… If you own a car, you know how important it is to take it into the shop for regularly scheduled tune-ups. Without that maintenance, the life of your car is dramatically reduced. Our team is applying the same idea to the body. Preventative treatment and maintenance should be seen as the first step in living full, healthy, and active lifestyles.

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